Magic Tricks

Series: We Read Phonics



Guided Reading Level: E

Grade Level: 1 – 2

By Sindy McKay

Illustrated by Meredith Johnson

This book shows children how to do two easy tricks. The instructions are told by a boy and a girl who are doing the tricks themselves and putting on a magic show for their friends. The humorous illustrations help make this a very fun book for parents and children to share.

We Read Phonics makes it easy for parents to help their children improve phonics skills and read a decodable story. Each book combines a fun story with simple games for phonics and sight words. The games are quick and easy to play – designed to help children read the story and improve their decoding skills. The result is faster reading development and kids who love to read!

We Read Phonics Level: 5 (Grades 1-2)

220 -280 word count – adds long “a”, “i”, and suffixes -er and -ing

Guided Reading Level: E

Published by Treasure Bay, Inc.

Price (before discount): $5.99