My Social & Emotional Readers 1-3 Set (1 each of 24 titles)



Guided Reading Level: J

Grade Level: 1 – 3

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My Social and Emotional Readers PK-1 Set


This set of 24 titles is designed for parent involvement in reading at home, but also perfect for use in the classroom, with small groups or the entire class.


 Each book includes stories that support social and emotional learning, while also helping to build reading skills. All the books start and end with activities and tips for parents and teachers to support the SEL skills that are specific to each title.

This set for grades 1-3 is designed for reading together, as well as for independent reading. SEL themes for 1-3 include: I Can Manage and Set Goals, I Treat Others Well, I Am a Responsible Community Member, and I Respect Differences.


* 100% Common Core Aligned


Price (before discount): $125.00